Thursday, August 28, 2008

The 28th lives on

Today, while thinking "someone's birthday should have been today," I realized that we haven't broken our 28th streak after all.

We were married on Feb 28th
Taya was born April 28th
Levi was born Sep 28th
Liv was born July 28th

and then little Julia came along, born on time just to be difficult when it was the only time in history any mother WANTED be 8 days overdue, and "broke" our streak by being born on June 20th! We lamented she was SO CLOSE, if we say it fast enough the twentieth SOUNDS close enough to twenty-eighth. Or add just a little o on top of the zero to make an 8, so close!

But then arrives Zoey and saves Julia by being born on the 8th, so we could just split the difference between the two and keep our tradition alive. What a way to make her cool 08/08/08 birthday even cooler and redeem her sister in the process. My sister Jennifer asked me, "How do you keep doing this?!" I wish we believed in numerology, because then we'd be the luckiest people I know.

Because such things in life are of the utmost importance. Forget mortgages, world hunger, psychologically traumatizing our children with our poor parenting techniques. As long as our lucky number run of 28 stays alive, all is well in the world.


Kelly(M&M) said...

What's funny about this is that I was actually going to ask you about your "28" streak! Now I know. Congrats on keeping it alive. Good job, Zoey! Cute pic. You are a fantastic photographer.

Anonymous said...

hahahaaaa!! "if you say it really fast..the TWENTIETH sounds like the 28th.."'re awesome.

PalsRWe said...

How did you get her stamped footprints to look sooo perfect? Love the picture of you and Zoey... Totally precious.. One day I'll update my Blog again..
Luvs Kiley

Groverfam said...

You crack me up! I love that giles do get it from your dad.

thepalsrus said...

So THAT's why there are little black foot prints all over the house!! Next time YOU are cleaning them up.

Anonymous said...

still laughing at the last comment..hahaha