Thursday, January 20, 2011


If you think of preschool as homeschooling, I guess we started about 12 years ago when our oldest was in preschool. We have still not decided whether our current preschooler will go to public school for kindergarten or bypass the system altogether, but for now she is having a blast in our little preschool co-op. We swap days meeting at others' homes. Here she is making play dough at her buddies' house!
I am teaching math and general numbers, which at the preschool level is pretty challenging for me, lol! I found an online math curriculum from PK-12 that I adore, mostly, and have been using that for all the kids.
The web site is pretty rough, and the curriculum itself has a learning curve, but I promise if you get over that it's fantastic. I love the progression of concepts taught, not your average drill to mastery worksheet approach and high level critical thinking skills are taught right from the start. I love the ability start with PK and see how it progresses into the older grades with my other children.
But in the end, it's really all about having fun and getting messy, in school and in life.