Friday, June 27, 2008

Look, kids, Mom's on TV!

I was asked by a local trainer to film a spot on our 24-hour Austin news channel about exercise during pregnancy. Even though the trainer and the reporter were freakishly tiny (about 5'2" and 100lbs after eating Thanksgiving dinner), and I felt like an Amazon next to them, it was still fun to do. The trainer even offered me some free sessions, which was unexpected and very welcome! Of course, the kids think it's awesome that Mommy was on TV, and I'm just hoping this doesn't count towards my 15 minutes of fame: dream big! Well, dream on, I guess.

Troy is how old?

A few days before the event Troy asked me, "Now, am I going to be 32? 35?" I told him he knows what year he was born and to do the math himself! "Ah, 34, then. Right?" When did I ever end up being married to a middle-aged man? I guess it was about the same time I started to approach middle age too. How sad. I actually put all 34 candles on his "cake" (really pudding cream pies, I don't think anyone in our family actually prefers cake! With 2 birthdays in 6 days that's fine with me), and it was really a lot of candles. Whipped topping cooks with that many candles on it, just in case you're thinking of repeating it, so work fast and use loooong candles!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Julia's birthday, 6/20/06 (Troy says it's the "same" as his on 6/26), and all of a sudden she's TWO! Every photo I took she said, "Lemme seeeeee!!!!" and when I turned the camera around to show her the LCD screen she'd explode into peals of laughter! She was so excited to blow out her own candles. Five minutes before the celebration she had no idea what a birthday was, but suddenly she was the center of attention and couldn't have been a bigger ham. She should have just had an ice cream cake since she really only ate the frosting and ice cream anyway. That's okay: she has enough siblings to eat all the cake.
A few days before her birthday she decided she was ready to use the potty, and so it begins. She's been doing really well with very few accidents, but training this little when they can't even climb onto the potty by themselves is like mommy racing against time. After the new baby arrives, we'll see how long the potty habit lasts!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

My shingle

Not that having business cards makes for an official business, and neither does a tax ID number, but I figure if I really want to make a go of this...someday...or rather some year when my kids are older, I need to run it like a business now!
I am still just doing friends' photoshoots, and some of them are even paying me for it! I love creating the photos all the way through to the digital scrapbook pages. Now all I need is a web site. Well, not ALL I need. Some paying clients would be nice too. Though I still have a hard time handing out my card and saying, "I'm a photographer," with a straight face.