Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our Baby is HERE!!!

Our new baby was born on June 20, 2006. A 7lb 10oz little girl, perfectly healthy and adorable! She looks a lot like Olivia did as a newborn, surprisingly so.

She's so mellow, sleeps really well. I'm still tired from waking during the night, but at least she just wakes up to nurse and doesn't stay awake. Troy is still sleeping in the guest bed, and I miss him. It is nice not stressing about keeping him awake at night, though, so I can rely on him to be rested and helping with the kids during the day.

Troy went back to work today, and I thought I'd have a nervous breakdown when he left! I feel like that mother bear who chases her cubs off in preparation to have another one: THIS is my baby, I don't want to deal with the other ones! They are very good children and play together and help each other. It's nice that school is out so Taya can be helpful and entertain the little kids.

I'm sad the pregnancy is over, there's just nothing else like growing a baby and giving birth. It's like now the serious business of growing up begins. But that special time during this newborn stage seems just as good, and over just as fast!