Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We sold our house! We had an offer on it less than 2 weeks after putting it on the market, and after a little negotiating we closed yesterday. Sadly we feel lucky we were able to get most of what we had into it back out. In view of the recent real estate upheaval, we were able to pay the fees and commissions and walk away with a check for the amount of our down payment 8 years ago.

Now Troy has turned down 2 offers to relocate as his company here attempts to downsize without laying off any of their specialized workforce: one to NYC last week, and the other for Portland yesterday. They are trying to make Boise work as he indicated it's the only place he'd be willing to move, so we are preparing for him to get laid off after 12 years. The timing is unfortunate in that we just bought this remodel and are not very far along in that process and have the looming arrival of another baby, but he can start putting full time in at a little side job he's been doing on and off, a generous severance package, and we have a big emergency fund in the bank. The hard part is deciding how much to dip into cash to get this house progressing while he's looking for a career position in either Austin or Boise. We'll take it day by day, because long term planning right now is just too stressful and unpredictable.