Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm in labor

I am such a slow poke! It's 3:20am, and I've been in labor since about 10:30pm. It's gotten to the point where I'm more comfortable walking around than lying down, so here I am trying to find something to do in the dark. Half of me keeps wanting to stall so I can get some sleep. The other half just wants to push the baby out and lie down and snuggle with her while we sleep! That moment is the best part of a home birth: crawling into my own bed with my tiny newborn, perfectly comfortable, and snoozing for a few hours.
But hopefully I don't stall, as I can hardly stand doing this again. Delivering a baby isn't painful, but labor is terrible. Not knowing how many more hours I have to endure is extremely difficult, mentally, and given my anxiety level going into it already, I need to be done! Maybe it'll be fast, maybe she'll be born on 08/08/08 and I can just go back to sleep!


Liz McCoy said...

oh how exciting!!!!!! I hope things move quickly...hmmm maybe you already have her now??? Can't wait to find out!!!

Amber said...

Good luck Emma! Easy labor vibes for you!

Pam said...

Hugs and prayers!

The Lundys said...

yay! keep us posted! i mean push, push, then post to your blog, then push, push... :)