Friday, August 15, 2008

Top 5 Reasons pregnancy is easier than a newborn

5. I'm uncomfortable
- Uncomfortable? Try afterpains. For a 5th child. Now tell me how uncomfortable you are!

4. I can't sleep
- This one blows me away. How about 2 am feedings? 4am feedings. 5am feedings.

3. I want my body back
- Newsflash: now the parasite is just on the outside, still literally sucking away at you. And you may as well cut off your left arm for all the use you'll get out of it once you're hauling around the baby for the next, oh, six or twelve months.

2. I'm getting anxious
- I hate to break it to you. Nevermind, I love breaking it to you! If your pregnancy stress level isn't high enough, your newborn stress level will be an improvement, for sure.

1. I want to meet my baby
- I didn't get pregnant to stay pregnant forever: I got pregnant to have a baby! I didn't have a baby to complain about waking up in the middle of the night or comforting a crying infant. I had a baby to love and provide for. And while pregnancy is definitely a lot easier than being a parent, especially a parent to a newborn, nothing can replace those newborn snuggly days, that rewarding responsibility of caring for someone else's every need, that exultant feeling of accomplishment, or that first moment meeting the precious child with whom you'll share the rest of your lives. Somehow it doesn't feel like a chore, it's a joy. I love this little person more than seems possible. I love my baby!


Groverfam said...

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Pals Place said...

Newborn's are time consuming. I certainly am feeling the same way you are and have to remember that they do grow up faster than I think. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I have tried to explain everything you just said to other friends of mine at church and I ALWAYS get the totally perplexed "how can you not love a tiny baby?" look. So nice to know Im not the only one who feels that way- and it doesn't mean you don't love this sweet little person - you're just talking about how infuriating it feels to basically be trapped for almost 2 years of your life..I totally agree with you :)

rubberbucketsaysso said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I just had a baby two months ago, and while it was only my second, it was interesting to note the differences: first born, you can sleep when they sleep, I don't particularly remember afterpains with my firstborn, and there was only one kid. Now, I can only sleep when the firstborn AND the secondborn are asleep (virtually never), the afterpains were DEFINETLY noticable, and now there's two to look after, twice the trouble, twice the fun, and four times the love

The Cochran Family said...

Well said! Spoken like a true mother of many :) Before Ethan was born and people would say, "aren;t you ready" my coin phrase was... "um, no they are easier on the inside!" My after pains with my second brought me to tears, and the nurse said, you think this is bad, wait till you have #3! So I CAN NOT imagine how bad #5 is... I LOVE the picutres below, do you have one of those fancy SRS cameras...I would love to know what you use, I love your pixs

Cori Cirillo-Walker said...

I think that this is the part where I would put, ROFLMAO, but it DOES have a cuss word and I prefer to refrain since I have a baby, otherwise I would say screw it and use it anyway. HA! Guess I already did! SOOOO, good blog! I loved it as I miss the sarcasm and enjoy the honesty! Mayhaps I'll keep reading........

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC POST! I didn't realize you were blogging ... well, now you are in my reader! How are you? Looks like all is well ... it is so weird, having three is easier ... and harder than two... but I am still figuring it all out. I just can't imagine FIVE. Wow. You go girl! LOL! ... aka ScrapMel