Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photoshop is lonely

I've been working on the laptop for over a week now, which means all my photos and Photoshop are on my desktop and haven't been touched during that entire time! Wow, it's been really wonderful. I'm not working this month, so no student feedback to give, no photo shoots to proof (well, they are just waiting patiently for me), and no new photos to post on my blog!!! That's the only downside. I have TAKEN a LOT of photos, those are time sensitive with a newborn, but Photoshop will be there anytime. Hopefully it doesn't contact a divorce attorney during our separation as we hope to work things out and get back together someday.

Surely I will miss my little PS soon enough. For now, I just read a lot of interesting web sites, watched a LOT of Olympics on my DVR, and held the baby. A LOT.


Anonymous said...

My humongous exciting news is that I finally learned a tiny little bit about layers when I found a site called Digital Photography School. Since then I've been amazed at all the fun I can do- and thats just ONE feature. I really need to take a class I think. Oh I know, there's this great website...I think its called scrapbook something something...I might actually pay for the course one of these days now that Im not so freaked out about it. Maybe once school starts..
Anyway..I said all that to say that Im glad you're enjoying some baby time! I know PS will forgive you eventually.

Liz McCoy said...

sounds like a lovely time!! Maybe you transferred your photoshop love over to me..I've been so inspired to scrap lately!! I'm LOVING it!!!