Sunday, August 17, 2008


Liz McCoy said...


memaw said...

Good morning, Emma,

The picture of you and your daughter is absolutely beautiful and could win a contest!

I've been reading through your comments and will respond to one tomorrow that I just didn't have time to do tonight, and that's about your dear friend Susan. I can relate to this somewhat since I had surgery on 3/4/08 for lung cancer. What a long story this is. The short version is I was operated on 3/22/07 for a torn meniscus and because I had developed blood clots CTs were taken to be certain there were no clots on the lung and . . . But, just think, if it hadn't been for the knee, we never would have known about the cancer. I've wanted to do digital scrapbooking forever, or so it seems, and have finally done some. Each of my five children and their families received an album for Christmas that they were thrilled with. This was the best therapy I could ever have. Emma, I'm beginning your class in January and can hardly wait to get started.

You have a beautiful family and from the way you look, probably got married at age 12!

Gorgeous pictures and I am so thankful God has put you in my path. There's a reason. You, too, have been blessed with a precious family. God keep you close.

Oh, yes, Grandchild #14 is due in June.

La Netta