Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Joyous Christmas

Happy holidays, happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, peace on earth, good will t'ward all men, season's greetings, and fill in your politcally and religiously correct blank here! I wish blessings on all of you to have as joyous a Christmas as we will have counting our blessings, starting with these 5 lovely little blessings. I'm in the full swing of holiday family portrait sessions and designing cards for them, and it just didn't seem right for my own family not to have one! It's amazing how impatient I am with my own darlings during a session in comparison to anyone else! And I apologize publicly to them for losing my temper, cursing the sun as I'm sure it set faster than normal tonight, and blaming my husband for his typical male sour, "I hate photos," attitude for infecting the rest of us, and wanting go home after just a few shots. And not just because this little jewel came out of my camera when we got home, but because I truly love and appreciate all you do for me, dearest family!


Liz McCoy said...

absolutely gorgeous!! as always your family is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a great photograph!!! Love the colors an the location!!

Charlotte said...

I love it!! You have such a gorgeous family:)