Saturday, November 21, 2009

Can't wait to be 8!

Levi, my son, my only son, turned 8 on September 28 and was baptized today. He has that big, gap-toothed grin that kids have at this age, and tugged at his collar and kept untucking his shirt all during his photo op!
He seemed so nervous to get baptized, even though he has attended several as a spectator. So we spent a lot of time explaining that it was a first step, a commitment, albeit a necessary one to regain God's presence, and that every Sunday when he repents and takes the Sacrament it's just like getting baptized all over again. But he was still so nervous that he wanted his friend to go first. He said it was easier than he expected, probably because Dad has to do all the work!
Afterward we went to a party at his friend's house to congratulate the boys on their decisions. They spent most of the evening playing Wii while the adults visited. It was a lot of fun, but we should have made more of a ceremony or some sort of toast at the cake cutting.
Levi, I hope you continue to grow as you have been into a caring, sensitive, and affectionate young man who has faith in Christ and always strives to do what is right. Continue to be brave, yet learn to turn the other cheek. Seek out the similarities in your fellow man, yet appreciate, tolerate, and even accommodate the differences that make us all unique. Always inquire of the Lord to have His spirit to guide you in your decisions and bridle your actions and passion, turning your boundless energy to serving Him. We love you, and God loves you. We are all proud of you for this step you have taken.

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