Friday, January 22, 2010

Anything for Mom

A few years ago my mom said my sister had put some "kidisms" on her blog and asked if I would send her an email with all the cute and funny things my kids said. She wanted to collect them for her grandkids and put them in a notebook. So I dutifully started writing things down in an email, saving up a list to send to her. I never sent it before she died, and it's still a draft in my inbox, still receiving additions when every so often my kids say one of the darndest things! So there it is over there, on the sidebar, so others can enjoy it with her. I'll add new ones to the top when my kids are clever or, as is more often the case with kidisms, not so clever.


Nhoj said...

Emma, Your kidisms are very cute and funny, some even worthy of being published, I'd say.

Teresa said...

I'm totally copying this idea! I love it! I spent some time this morning reading them and kept laughing out loud!