Sunday, October 31, 2010

We don't have a lot of family traditions aside from yelling and rowdy car rides, but a parenting class told us we should. Instead of writing nice letters to each other on birthdays or a live Nativity at Christmas, like the good mother I am chose nasty Halloween dinner. My kids all dressed up in some leftover dress-up box leftovers, (see Levi as the last minute "I don't know exactly what this costume is" getup), while I prepare surprise disgusting courses. This year we did a giant alien worm from a whole pork roast, maggots from boiled pearl barley and Parmesan sauce. There were some other items that I forgot to take photos of, but with a worm like that does there really need to be more? And aren't you glad that instead of presenting this creative tradition in the usual pompous I'm a better mom than you, feel guilty presentation, I just say it like it is?

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