Friday, November 12, 2010

A Capitol Day

We had a get together in Austin for local and willing-to-travel members of DSP where I am technically still working even though I am not working there anymore. All of that someday I'll come back kind of thing because I really do miss teaching Photoshop. Anyway, we met at the Capitol Visitor Center, toured the rotunda, then headed out to the State Cemetery which was surprisingly beautiful and park like rather than morbid as it sounds. My homeschooled kids could get an entire semester of Texas state history just watching the video in its visitor center and doing the awesome packets they hand out there! We had a great time getting to  know each other better, talking about photography and scrapbooking, and of course, because we're women, talking about nothing.

I remember years ago at the Capitol how my mom about wet herself when she found out Governor George W. Bush was there that day, and chastised me for just walking into the governor's business office (as if we might accidentally run into and bother the man.) She gushed how she just loved him all the while my dad standing there and saying, "Dear, I'm standing right here..." So in her memory I barged into the Governor's office again, now belonging to the less lovable Rick Perry, and not surprisingly did not run into George Bush yet again.

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