Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's not really this bad, I swear

9am, Levi is stung multiple times by an asp caterpillar (pus moth). Troy's brother Ed is stungseveral times trying to get it off Levi after trying to convince him it's just a harmless fuzzy seed pod. Hoping no one develops vomiting and severe  pain, especially during their 24hr drive back to Idaho. I've lived here 12 years and never seen one of these pests that they manage to find on day 2 of their visit.
6pm, Troy finds a venomous 8in king centipede trying to crawl up his leg. 15 minutes of craziness at the Nutty Brown Cafe with half the patio hopping up on chairs while we catch it in a styro cup for Ed's daughter's science project. I've lived here 12 years and never seen on of these pests that they manage to find on day 2 of their visit, second rare bug of the day.
7pm, kids catching giant black crickets to feed to our chickens, grandma puts them in a napkin to bring home, later blows nose on napkin and drops crickets down her blouse, we all wonder why she has crickets in her nose. Catch more crickets falling from a tree into grandma's blouse. Transfer crickets to styro cup and bring home.
7am, next morning find hole in cup and crickets are all missing.
8am, while making breakfast I find styro cup with centipede in my fridge...still alive.
9am, I find and make Levi catch last cricket in kitchen and feed to chickens. Can't wait to eat those eggs.
10am, unsuccessfully try to convince Idaho visitors that this buggy situation is unusual even for Texas, it's all their fault, and wonder if we can ever hope to have more out of town visitors.
11am, all the boys decide to go on a scorpion and tarantula hunt after dark right before I threaten to move out.

6pm, boys come home with a female Texas tarantula they add to the bug zoo which I make them take home with them when I kick them out of my house.

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Teresa said...

:) LOL!!! That is hilarious!! Those Idahoans get so pumped about funky bugs! They drive me crazy!!!