Monday, May 17, 2010

Wolf Badge Pack Meeting

They make the mom stand up with the cub when being awarded his wolf badge, and since asking someone to use my monstrosity of a camera set to manual requiring a tutorial to use would just be awkward while everyone waits for me to hurry to the front, I only have photos of the kids doing their fun activities. Jumping up and down with some oddly creative scout cheer, and of course as usual Levi has to follow up all active fun with some wrestling that none of the other kids seemed to appreciate albeit a room full of boys. Now, I realize that I could have just asked someone to put my camera card into their small camera and take a few shots of the ceremony for me, but then that would just be mom and son standing there doing nothing, and frankly boring. Look how much more fun they seem to be having. Plus, I wasn't wearing any makeup anyway.

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