Saturday, May 01, 2010

3G Ranch Campout

Troy has been bugging some friends of ours to have us out to camp at their ranch, and he finally waxed annoying enough to wear them down for an "invitation." Nevertheless, we had a blast! Our hosts and their other guests seemed like they sorta enjoyed our muscled in company. It was a lovely location, freshly mowed meadow in springtime surrounded by wildflowers. And instead of playing with all those girls in the stinkin' flowers, Levi even had someone to wrestle with for 27 hours straight. And no one was bitten by nor saw nor heard any rattlesnakes.

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The 5 Kountry bumpkins said...

I am still just as amazed as you are that no one was bitten by a snake. We are so glad y'all came, even though you did make fun of me, lol. We can't wait for the next one. We you will come out before that, maybe we can bbq.