Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day

Happy Texas May Day, y'all. Just wanted to say thank you to Angie and Brae for the invite to such a fun family party. None of us had ever seen a real May Pole before, and the over-under weaving challenged their spatial reasoning like an engineering class. My ADD son had some tactile therapy as he was compelled to use his hands rather than his eyes to "see" the finished product. Half the guests played instruments in a hoe-down jam, except Troy faking it on the gourd banjo. The best part was my homeschooled daughter's square dancing lesson that was fun, that she and her friends actually wanted to participate in, instead of some stinky 6th-grade gym class imitation. Strike that, I do believe hanging out with friends and eating potluck in such a gorgeous country home setting was the best part! Mmmmmm....especially the potluck.

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