Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We're having a BABY!

We're having a new baby! It's early, we're still in that "unreal" phase where the chart is telling me one thing, but my body hasn't caught on yet. Not that I hope for morning sickness or a huge gut, but it would certianly lend some credibility to my claim!

Due on June 19, Mom's birthday, we're hoping for the 28th. With an anniversary and all 3 kids on the 28th of a month, it would be a real shame to mess up the trend with this last baby. Our track record shows we have a good chance of making it! Nine days overdue is hard to plan, they don't have reverse inductions, do they?!

I'm still feeling pretty nervous, not excited or upset. I know what I'm getting myself into, and I really, really, really, really want a boy! That's a lot of pressure to perform in yet another aspect I can't control. Well, such is life with children, I'm getting used to it.


Jennison said...

CONGRATS Emma! Really, really excited for you and your family

DigiScraptacular said...

YAYAYAY!!!!!!! I congratulated you @ DSP, but one more time can't hurt right? Feel good!

clikchic said...

ooh! Congrats Emma! I haven't been on DSP much lately as I have been flat out with my own site and only just saw your ticker in your signature! Boy I am behind!

What wonderful news, I am so excited for you! :-)