Monday, January 23, 2006

House is Clean with my new baby, Roomba!

Christmas was a blast in Phoenix, and when I got home we had a new baby: delivered in a box that said "Roomba" on it!
It's amazing, but having that timer on it so I KNOW it's coming out at 9pm every night really motivates me to pick up a room to be ready for it. I guess I didn't realize how often I go to bed not picking up at least one room, and doing that everyday makes a huge difference!

So the thing has infected the rest of the house, the kitchen is clean, the bathrooms are clean, the beds are made, the laundry is done. I got some larger baskets, and having it organized has been really helpful. I haven't yet decided if I prefer to do a load a day, or spend one day doing it all, and then fold and put away one person's basket a day. Having each person have his own basket is really helpful as well, keeps the job smaller when I do it in portions.

So I'm doing pretty well with my goals!

Have yet to really get back into working out, but I go to the aerobics class at church twice a week now. Need to get back into lifting my dumb bells at home and using the community gym. I didn't gain any weight over the holidays, but I am starting to now. My goal is to stay under 170 by the end of June at delivery.

I DID get my next karate belt last November, advanced brown. After some "morning sick" leave, we're back at it twice a week. Taya's little friend wants to sign up and ride with us, so yet more motivation to get there! I am unable to set a goal for my next belt test: April is out, October may be wishful thinking with such a small baby. Certainly by April 2007 I will be ready to test again: seems so far away. But I will likely be able to do a triathlon in August or September, those take less time to train for.

The sewing room is close to being organized, Troy finished my new cutting table just before Christmas. I love it! I am really tired, and just trying to find the energy to work and exercise and keep the house, the "extras" seem really huge right now. I am sure I will be back at the cutting table soon.

For work, I've been doing much better since I set days to comment on students' work and allowed times for the computer. I don't scrap every Sunday, but I do it more often than I had been. Sometimes I just don't feel like it! I've decided to cram through writing these two new classes so we can buy a new car in a hurry. I found a c0-teacher for one class, so that'll be a huge help. Still working on the 15 minutes at a time for writing and commenting on members' work.
I was offered a job teaching English for 6 weeks, but I can make more money for my time teaching online classes at DSU.

I am writing new routines, or trying to. We went over mine when Taya and I were planning her routines, and I realized just how out of date they are! So far so good, so I'm not in a big hurry to get that done. I also am going to spend at least 15 minutes a day doing some school activity with Levi, and making at least 15 minutes to read to both little ones in the evenings.

Aside from feeling lazy due to baby fatigue, I'm doing really well. Writing things down help me realize just how much I get done, even with all the inactivity and resting!

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Gingau said...

I have heard of the 15 minute a day routine. Your blog has inspired me to get started again. Also, you goals list. Thanks so much for sharing. I don't see how you keep up. You are one busy girl.

Renee aka Gingau