Monday, August 08, 2005

Wow, Troy is going to Alaska!

Wow, Troy is going to Alaska! Just sprung that one on me. Apparently his friend Wally is going on a fishign trip for a great deal, so Troy couldn't resist tagging along. Hope he has fun and gets a ton of great photos.
He's leaving on Wednesday...yes, in less than 2 days, and will be gone until the following Thursday night.
It's actually kind of freeing, that we can do this type of thing on a whim. Not only that we can still be spotaneous when life seems to weigh us down so often, but that we can afford it. Not that we can afford it, but that it won't break us. He got a profit-sharing check today that sealed his decision to go as it was exactly the amount he needed for airfare!
Is it petty to admit I'm jealous? But I'm excited, because not only will he have a wonderful time, but that it shows me we can do this, everything is not a big deal!

I think I must be hormonal again, I'm not used to this! I'm used to having a few cycles a year, and it seems I've become a frequent flyer in the Time of the Month Club. I HATE it! Makes me feel hopeless, overwhelmed, irritable, weepy. Just at the time when I should be excited to get another chance to have a baby, I wonder what's wrong with me and if I can handle it! But I know it's not really "me" talking, that these feelings are under the surface and just amplified right now. I'll be fine...right?

Things at work are going well. I'd like to make a little more money, but I think the summer is slow. I'd love to find more time than my allotted 24 hours and write more classes, but I've secretly really enjoyed the break from the breakneck pace I've had this past year. Sometimes this industry gets really catty, a bunch of competitive women, but if I try to insulate myself from it, to remember this is my passion and we're all just trying to make a few extra bucks, then I can do my stuff and not get distracted. Except by email, whenever I need a good distraction, there's ALWAYS email!

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grammaO said...

Wow- Emma- I just looked over your page and am amazed at your number of children, activities, etc. and wondering about your wanting to have another baby? How do you do it all? I have 6 children and a daughter in law who is pregnant with her 4th - she is asking me how I did it with 6. I must admit; at times- not very well. Balance became an important word in my life as I started dealing with pms. Adequate rest, nutritous meals and time for myself helped to calm me so that I could have an introspective life. The most important lesson I learned is "that you cannot give what you do not have" and it was important that I have something to give other people. In this fast paced world I learned time, love, and encouraging words are so important when trying to fill the role of wife, mother, friend.