Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I need to lose weight!

I'm starting a new diet, that's my obsession this week. It changes, you know, so check back in a few days and see what new neurosis I have developed since then. If I'm lucky, I'll go back to a previous obsession and save myself some money buying new supplies!

It's called The Abs Diet, and so far I really like it, though it doesn't seem to be helping at all. It's not much different than what I was already doing that didn't work, as is plain to see from my under 150 photo from January, and now I'm just barely under 160! Basically, eat more often, build muscle by working out, and eat high protein, high calcium, high fiber, and no refined sugar or flour.

I'd publish my Before photos in my bikini too, but it might scare off too many viewers, and since this is such a high traffic blog I need to be respectful! Perhaps when the Afters look better than the Befores, I can post them all as a boxed set.

Yes, those are my feet, even the podiatrist says they're ugly!

Starting stats:
height 5'7"...almost, and don't intend to change that much
weight 158
waist 31.5
hips 41.5
body fat >20%

This is where comments such as, "Emma, you cow, go for it! You sure need this!" or "Wow, you're brave to take photos in a bikini, ick!" or other insensitive jeers are most inappropriate. Unless you think it will motivate me, in which case feel free! Just please refrain from putting me on a scale from 1-10...wait, then that scale says I'd be really thin, let's try that!


swampangel said...

Love the kit, can't wait for the chat. Great colors and scheme.

And for a pep talk:

"We can do it"

Starla said...

Hmmm... I need to lose more weight... maybe this will inspire me too!!