Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Let's see...what to say?

My first post should be my life story thus far, right?

Well, who has time for that?! Between kids, the house, hobbies, and work, I'm lucky I have time to type in this at all!

Here we are with our 3 kids. I work teaching digital scrapbook classes at, Troy is a semi-conductor technician for KLA-Tencor, and the kids specialize in Grumpy, Whining, and Snuggles. There aren't a lot of career opportunities out there for minors, so it's fortunate most of them are good at these things!

We have way too many hobbies, it's a wonder the dishes ever get done or the lawn ever gets mowed. I sew clothing, scrapbook digitally, have a brown belt in karate, Troy fixes all things broken, does carpentry so the kids have more things to break, and we both love individual sports like kayaking or rock climbing or racquetball, and we sing and play the piano. I said we like it, not that we're good at it!
Like all good parents we feel guilty that we don't spend more time as a family, either together or on kid or couple dates.

It's amazing that with our frenetic pace and busy lives, we still feel we accomplish so little, and that our lives are inherently boring. Well, if you can squeeze us into a nutshell, this is it!

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DigiScraptacular said...

Emma, it is indeed strange that we do so much yet feel like we come up short, isn't it?

Welcome to blogging! :-) Rutgers