Sunday, June 07, 2009

Biodegradable Seed Pot

These paper seed/cuttings pots are designed to be transplanted right to the garden and then biodegrade like peat pots to eliminate transplant shock.

After coming across some online, I wanted to try making some that didn't need tape or staples to hold the folded box together when opened out. Neither stainless steel nor cellophane are on the list of vital nutrients for my garden soil. The newspaper pots still need some tape or staples, but since copy paper is more stable it can do without.

I finally found a plan that used the flaps formed at the top of the pot folded down to secure the box and prevent it unfolding, but since I don't take the newspaper, (and let's face it, all our news comes with a .com at the end of it now anyway,) I needed a pot that was made from standard copy paper.
(If using a half sheet of newspaper, just fold in half again after Step 2 and proceed as usual.)

These stand up to normal watering as long as you don't move the paper pot while the soil is wet, or the bottom will fall out. Allow the bottom to dry, and then transplant outdoors.

To print, just click on the image to enlarge, (zoom out if needed), and choose File>Print, or right-click on the enlarged image and choose Save As, then print from your image viewer.


mamafitz said...

i made these for my seedlings this year, but i found i still needed to either staple or paper clip the flaps. i used newspaper (my mom gets the paper).

they do hold up well, however. i still have my tomatoes in them, and it's been probably 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Im such a whiner..I'd rather just buy the dang start and plant it TODAY.

Anonymous said...

Good tip.

Although I'm lazy and just roll newspaper pots with a pop can and fold the ends.

But this way is cool too. Thanks for sharing.