Thursday, May 07, 2009

Who needs brothers?

Levi seems to think all his problems in life would be solved if he only had a brother. Which makes me want to sing, If He Only Had a Brain. Let's face it, his sisters build forts, wrestle, play trains and dinosaurs, do karate, and Taya built him this bow and arrow. Granted, they do spend a lot of time playing princess and Barbie, dancing around in frilly skirts, and painting their nails, but honestly: I don't think brother lack is a major concern around here. He should be more concerned about that missing elbow that needs Photoshopped back on!


Ang said...

We have that same yearning around our house, only it's for a sister. Funny how that works. He seems plenty boyish to me!

Anonymous said...

I think that's my favorite picture yet. I don't blame him either..its got to be a bummer to be the only boy. All you gotta do is keep getting pregnant and having babies til ya hit the get crackin!

Anonymous said...

thank you SO MUCH for your comments! that means a ton coming from someone who is so much better than I am :)