Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Blues

No, we don't actually have the blues, we're not sad: look at how happy we look! No Easter dresses this year, (have you SEEN how many daughters I have?! If not, just look at the photo, Einstein.) I ended up in blue, noticed Taya was in blue, and then like the family fashionazi I am dug out everyone's blues. Troy willingly goes with the flow, which makes his domestic life so much simpler, and Levi is always happy to match Dad. Though frankly they didn't even notice until I pointed it out to them during church. And then I realized all the bluebonnets are out this time of year and arm-twisted our friend David who attends church with us to graciously swap family photos shoots. Though climbing down a hill in spike heels wasn't my idea of a good time, (those idyllic bluebonnet fields are actually full of thistles and thorns and mud with a freeway speeding by), and despite the full sun time of day which results in yet another Easter squinting family photo to treasure, (when will we learn to stop taking these right after church? When it stops being so convenient. And when I stop using so many parentheses. Stay on topic, girl!) we had a wonderful and relaxing Easter Sunday. And we weren't distracted by any bunnies nor eggs. We do all that pagan stuff the day before and the day after. On Easter we eat ham. And think about the Resurrection. While we sing in the choir.


Liz McCoy said...

OH MY WORD!!!! you have one BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! My goodness you two make gorgeous kids!!! good thing you keep having them :D

Julie said...

I can imagine you treking down in your heels next to the freeway. But the picture is worth it. Can we get a copy to put on the fridge? We miss you.

Anonymous said...

Im with Liz Mc Coy..OH MY WORD!!
Its really a striking photo- Im in love with it so I hope you don't mind my "right-click-save as"