Sunday, April 05, 2009


I have had this Singer anniversary edition sewing machine for several years now, and it worked, but it didn't have a table, and wasn't in tune. Since it didn't have a table, it didn't sit level, and the mechanism hit the desk when it was running. One morning when my sewing student was here, and my kids were out of school, we were all sewing around the big dining table (my student had hers, my daughter had mine, and I had my serger). Troy must have felt either left out or too masculine perhaps from lifting weights that morning, and pulled out my old black Singer to fix it up. He got it oiled and tuned, and a few hours and Craigslist clicks later came home with a new table for it too! I found him and Levi rewiring it into the table for a knee button, so no more foot pedal. We're such nerds. I have to be honest, that's kind of why I married him. When we were dating, a big group hopped into our cars to drive to Yellowstone, and we were the last ones in the caravan. He started his car, and as everyone drove away, smoke billowed out from under his hood. I was pretty disappointed to miss the park as I hadn't been since I moved to Idaho. He diagnosed the green goo pouting out of his radiator as, "This is no problem! My dad is the automotive professor on campus." The thing limped up to his dad's shop, and 2 hours later we were watching elk cross the road in Yellowstone Park! Several months after that, we were watching a movie with some friends, and my attempt to make popcorn yielded some black smoke, sparks, and some very burnt kernels. Disappointed again, (I love popcorn!) I brought him the air popper and sat down to watch the movie. He brought it back to the kitchen, and 15 mintues later walked into the TV room with a giant bowl of fluffy, buttery popcorn! I literally thought, "I have to marry this guy." It's a good thing he liked me too!


Liz McCoy said...

sounds like you both are perfect for each other :D and what a love story.

PalsRWe said...

Finally, I had a few moments to enjoy catching up on your Blog. It's a lot of work keeping these darn Blogs so updated. It was fun reading all the many things going on for you and your little family. Zoey is so adorable, I am happy that Kaedyn has such a cute girly cousin so close in age. Hopefully they will meet one day soon.
We miss you, Hugs Kiley

Charlotte said...

First - I am so impressed with your sewing talent!!

Second - wanted to say thanks for your comment on my organics post. As always you hit the nail on the head with your characteristic blend of wit and bluntness. LOVE the grocery shrink. Thanks for the site!

Anonymous said...

I think its practically the coolest thing ever - really truly- one of the reasons I married Ryan too. Its an oddly romantical feeling to look at a guy and know he can take care of stuff. :)
I think Singers rock, especially the old fashionedy kind. Love it.