Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bumbo safety recall

Bumbo Baby Seat has a new warning to prevent injuries from falls, recommending placing a warning label on the seat itself to not place it on tables, counters, hard surfaces, etc. The baby can arch its back and pop right out of the foam seat, causing head injuries when falling back onto a hard surface or off a high surface. The similar product, Bebe Pod, has similar safety issues. So, do I need to order away for the sticker? Does she look like she's going anywhere? Do I look concerned?

And check out the adorable knuckle suck!


Liz McCoy said...

awe! cute!!

Anonymous said...

haha..yah, watch out for those flying babies! I think she's a doll.

chilerocks said...

i havent checked your blog for a while- so cute!! We just got one of these for Christmas and I LOVE it. You've gotta be crazy to put one of those on a counter or something// hello? I like your fitness tips. I've been a huge holiday slacker but Im considering a cleanse in January- what do you know about those? are they safe while breastfeeding??