Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yo-yo dieter

Technically, purely, I am a yo-yo dieter. Given the extenuating circumstances of 5 children in 10 years, I forgive myself. But it doesn't make losing weight over and over again any easier. With each year I age and each child I bear, it gets harder, and harder, and harder. And while I absolutely refuse to publicly share my before/after progress photos (a la Body for Life bikini clad overweight model), I will share my CURRENT weight graphs.

My goal progress graph: losing weight is more like skiing moguls than downhill
And my weight loss graph from the past 12 months. Note the pregnancy curve!

While I have the photos, and I can see the progress from 170 to 140 pounds and back and then back again, it's still hard to be high again. While I know I've done it before, and I have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to do it again, it's still hard, every time. While I know it's hard, it's difficult, it sucks, and I hate it, I also know that I've been there before, and it is all worth it! Nothing tastes as good as being thin!

This time around I have changed up my plan a bit, gravitating even more toward the bodybuilding school of thought: lifting heavy/low reps, intense cardio, eating extremely clean (high protein, loads of veggies, eating most of my fruit/carbs around my work outs). I think it suits my body style well, and I've had good success with it before. While my weight loss is slower with all this weight lifting, from the photos I am pleasantly surprised to see the difference in body composition at the same weight. Muscle really does weigh more than fat, and is a whole lot prettier!


Anonymous said...

sheeesh! I have no idea how tough it must be but I have so much respect for the woman who refuses to give up- you're flippin' amazing!

Cyndi said...

Hey, at least the trend is down. Don't be hard on yourself. You look great! I would be ecstatic if I were at your heaviest.

PalsRWe said...

I hear ya Emma... I Love exercising, but Brent and I are serious "YO Yo" exercisers,, We are either too tired, too cold, or we just want to play with Kaedyn. Never enough time to do it all. Keep lifting those weights, that's what I do. Tone those muscles, and it won't matter how much you weigh.. I have some great healthy, but very yummy recipes I will email your way... Post some pictures of the baby. We want to see her again, they change so quickly when they are so little. Love you and miss you. Maybe one day will we see you again.. Loves Kiley

Ang said...

I'm a yo-yo dieter too, but hey, you look awesome with a little bity baby! Keep up the good work!