Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who is that ugly old lady?

My birthday! Troy was in Alaska most of the day, I picked him up from the airport around 3pm. I made my own cookie cake and cookie-dough ice cream, which my kids thought was sad! But he wasn't here to do it for me, and I'd rather eat cookies than whine about making it myself. All was not lost, for tired as he was, he rounded up the kids and gave me the rest of the day off my swollen pregnant feet!

32 shouldn't feel old, I don't feel old, I don't think I look old, but sometimes...those snapshots never do me any favors. You'd think Troy would want to me me look good, but I think he just barely graduated from the "say cheese and push the button" photography. It's fun he's finally getting into it. We're both artistic science nerds, so it's right up our alley.


Liz McCoy said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!

I'm sooo sorry I didn't send an email through the group.

I sure hope it was great!!!

I've updated my birthday calendar with your birthday so I don't forget next year!!! HUGS!!!

Pam said...

Belated birthday wishes, Emma - I still wish I could have met you and helped you with the classes . . .

Hugs & best wishes (and prayers) for your upcoming childbirth - I sometimes feel like I'm eavesdropping when reading blogs, but guess they're there to share.