Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alaska AGAIN

Troy left for Alaska Friday afternoon: he picked me up from the airport on Thursday at 6pm, and by 11am the next morning we were on our way back. I challenged him to catch 200 lbs of fish, as if he's some sort of power lifter in the Olympics. Sadly, he wouldn't do the puffing breathing exercises those lifters do before trying to accomplish such a goal, so I'm unsure if the challenge will be met. If only he'd not been too proud to breathe like an idiot. I'm about to have a baby, and so weird breathing does not phase me in the least. Hopefully he brings back a lot of fish and doesn't smell like any. It's just a cheap ploy by me to stretch my grocery budget: I have to pay for groceries, but he has to pay for his own trip, so it's like he just threw $1,000 worth of fish into my freezer that I didn't have to "pay" for. Yeah, what's ours is ours, whatever, it's all about what Quicken says!
2005 Halibut haul


Pals Place said...

It was fun to see you over the 4th. We're glad you happened to have a class the same weekend as every other eventful thing. Hope you survive while Troy's gone to Alaska. You're pretty amazing for being so pregnant. I like the family picture you posted, although, I never know how much is photo shopped. j/k. Thanks for showing me a few tricks.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..what a funny post. I can totally hear your voice.hahaa
Let us know how he'd be awesome if it meant more in the freezer :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go on your famous mommy tv spot!! I just watched, I have missed a ton not checking your site in a couple of months! Was it hard acting natural or were you really as calm as you seemed?