Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sewing with Mom

I haven't been sewing in awhile: I recently moved all my machines and my big cutting table into the computer room (left all the supplies in the other room, not enough space in here), hoping to be more productive near my computer and movies, and especially near Troy.
So far I've done only mending and a few small projects, which is definitely progress. I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to do another project with my mom, as we always spoke on the phone about what we were working on and trading advice. It seemed every project I'd call her with a question, even if she couldn't answer it (we work on very different types of sewing). I keep trying to pick up the phone and call her again, realizing she's not there, so I'm not sure if the decision to do a project "with her" is more painful or cathartic.
When we were little, she would put all 3 girls in matching dresses, usually different colors, and people would ask if we were triplets! She had some fun stories of making dresses of the same color and getting the pieces mixed up as they weren't exactly the same size, and that's why she changed to the same style and fabric in different colors! I have 3 daughters, and even though their age spreads leave no doubt they are not multiples, with Easter coming up making 3 matching dresses seemed only appropriate as my first project since Mom's death. It's almost like we're doing it together, and I'm definitely doing it in her honor.
Only one week left until Easter, and the dresses are well on their way, so I should be finished in plenty of time if my motivation doesn't abate. I'm excited to zip them up and do a photo shoot with my 3 little darlings. As for Troy, Levi, and me, I think we'll just try to get something that doesn't completely clash! Levi's Easter outfit is definitely coming from a store, though!
(see March 23 post for finished dresses, or my sewing site here.)


Liz McCoy said...

emma. that is great you're feeling inspired to sew!!

I can't wait to see the beautiful dresses.

Anonymous said...

my mom did that for us, every year, she always seemed to find the money..that's some of my favorite memories. How cool that you can carry that on, I wish I could do it!

Jennifer said...

I HATED the matching dresses! I always got the 'ugly' colored one! That's so awesome you're doing this, I didn't even realize Easter was this week or I may have actually gotten my rear in gear and made dresses for my girls :(