Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I hate coming across blogs and reading apologies about how long it's been since that person has posted, promises to do better, blah blah, as if posting on a blog somehow denotes some sort of cyber fame. Now, for a heavily commented blog, loads of followers, with professional relevant content, and an author who periodically gets emails asking when a new post will arrive, perhaps I can understand. But for the most part, blog readership is typically very low, and an apology to an occasional passerby just seems a bit inflated.

However, never to be left out, because I love feeling peer pressure like a middle schooler caught in a cafeteria, here is my apology and pledge to post more frequently. Because I know that you, my fans, are in need of me. All those little things I post on Facebook, one-line status updates, photos with a quick caption, or just rambling thoughts about bull can go on here just as easily, and then I can find or print these posts for posterity someday. To be loved is a beautiful thing.


Teresa said...

You totally crack me up! This is exactly how I feel!

Teresa said...

This is SO true!! I love it!!