Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Taya got her braces off the end of July (after 12 months, thank you Fast Braces! so I don't feel quite so old as to have a child with braces OFF), so to celebrate I took her to the beauty school for a hair cut with bangs added, a manicure, and a much-needed eyebrow wax. Her friend's mom had put a henna on her hand the night before, so the manicurist student had fun playing with nail paint to match the design. Zoey couldn't be left out of any photo as insanely jealous as she was of her sister's fancy new nails. Olivia also came with us and got a mini mani with blue sparkly polish that had mostly chipped off by the time we got home! Troy took her for her birthday a few days later and got her a real acrylic hot pink with flowers nail set that lasted for weeks!

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