Saturday, March 05, 2011

Pinewood Home Depot

The Home Depot ritual: yell while kids doing chores, "Hurry, hurry, or you'll miss Home Depot building!" They look at us like we're idiots, finish chores slowly, and we pretend a free trip to Home Depot is a big prize for finishing chores. Then we get some hammered and glued fingers and haul all the kids home. Or to Costco for a big Saturday free sample fest. But today we got to build orange race cars, and instead of glued fingers got only hammered and Cheeto orange fingers. This store showed some initiative and built a race track for them all to show off their driving down a ramp prowess. If your car doesn't spill off the edge, you win. And no, that extra kid isn't ours, just really excited to race once my 5 were finished falling off the sides.

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