Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween diet

Levi came home sick from school and didn’t get to go trick or treating, so I took my 3 daughters while Troy stayed home with him and the baby. Taya was a dead cowgirl, Olivia a mermaid, and Julia the frog princess with a lipstick smack on her cheek who forgot to wear her crown! And I am a princess too: can you figure out which one?

Now comes the difficult diet part of the year, even harder than birthday season in the summer! I want warm, mushy, comfort food, and we all know that's just a lot of high-calorie carbs that call my name and taunt me with their delicious temptations to over indulge even though I already stole most of my kids' Halloween chocolates and still have to save up for pie season where I call out for help to somebody please save me!

I'm sure I can weather the seasonal holiday storm with both my figure and my wallet intact just like I have every year. Except those years when I got fat. And set my credit card on fire. Not like that. One of those other good years!

What I need to do is eat what we ate for Halloween dinner, because although it tasted very good the thought of what it emulated made me pretty queasy and was a very effective appetite control. Black bat wings (chicken with black food coloring), slimy maggots (orzo pasta in cheese sauce), blood smoothie with mosquitoes (strawberry lemonade slush with raisins), bloody eyeballs (cherry pie filling), dried scabs (dried cranberries), brain (half a grapefruit), vomit (cinnamon apple sauce with dried apple chunks), and moldy slime salad (broccoli and carrot puree). Next year I'll invite you over too.

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The Lundys said...

well gross! and very cool at the same time! i'm so copying you! :)