Monday, May 05, 2008

Old crush and new friends

Troy's high school "crush" came to visit: I'm not exactly sure how they revived contact, but I think she found me through my web profile at work, or something benign like that? Rebecca and her husband Ryan were visiting San Antonio for his cousin's wedding, and they spent a night and day at our house.

Of course we brought them to work out in the morning, to the Botanical gardens for photo ops, and the Salt Lick Barbeque. We thought it might be awkward, but as soon as they walked in the door we were all like best friends.

He called them after the visit, and when she said, "Hello," Troy said, "I need to talk to Ryan." So much for social graces, Troy. No wonder she wouldn't date you!
Oddly enough, when visiting her blog she had some photos of her good friend, my sister's best friend from high school. Small world. Not small enough, as we'd love it if we could get together with Becca and Ryan more often. Four peas in a pod describes it pretty well.


Anonymous said...

THat was a great time..I seriously can't wait til we get to hang out again- it really stinks you're all so far away. Thanks again for being such great friends to us :)

Groverfam said...

I bet that I am your sister's best friend from High School.
So fun to read your blog.

Pals Place said...

Troy looks really bored!!