Thursday, August 09, 2007

A big family on a big trip!

Here we all are, July 2007. Julia just turned 1, Olivia just turned 4. Levi is starting kindergarten in the Fall, and Taya will be in 4th grade. We have a new school in our neighborhood, and while I'm really excited having to walk them there instead of having a bus at our front door will be a challenge! She's always been bused to school, and I thought I'd love a school so near us. However, I'm coming to realize having to wake everyone up and walk them there will be a big challenge, plus having 2 to get ready in the mornings, plus 2 more tag alongs, is going to be much more chaotic than I'm used to! Normally I dread the start of school, but this year, because I'll have 2 in school (finally), and 2 at home, it feels like it will be so much quieter during the day. I want to spend quality time with the kids. I want to have my really clean house back. I want to get my classes written. I want to sew again. Right now I don't do any of it because I feel so wiped out all the time just being surrounded by so many needs constantly, that even in my free time I can't get anything done! I wonder if it's just a fantasy? Part of me feels like it will be even more chaotic with homework and evening activities. Somewhere along the line my metamorphosis into "soccer mom" started without my permission! Though none of us play soccer...maybe I'll get a bumper sticker that says, "My karate mom can kick your soccer mom's butt!"

Our monster road trip is over now! We started in Austin and drove through New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Salt Lake to see my best HS friend, Boise, flew to Seattle to see my family, drove from Boise to Rexburg to see Troy's family, I taught a 3-day seminar in Malad, Idaho, South Weber, Utah to see Troy's best HS friend, Silverthorne, Colorado to see my oldest brother, then back through Amarillo to Austin. It took 3 weeks! But it wasn't quite as horrifying a drive as we anticpated. The kids watched DVD in our new car player, and the baby spent a lot of time playing with her toes. I've noticed crying isn't as stressful when you can't do anything about it! Our families were great to see, and everyone was happy and obliging, unless I mention those few troublesome moments, which I won't. We had a good time, and don't tremble in fear at the thought of doing it again now that we have a DVD player in the car! And to our credit, we haven't used it once since we got home, though the kids have begged. They watch enough TV at home!

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